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Client Praise

Hypnotherapy significantly improved my social anxiety after a lifetime of struggling. I have been treated by psychotherapists, been in group therapy, and received energy work, but nothing helped relieve this stressor as much as hypnotherapy. Cassidy intuitively developed a visual and metaphorical story that resonated deeply with my personality, interests and style in order to help me see people for who they are instead of who my anxiety assumed them to be. -Ana N., Age 27 Excellent use of my desired goals and intentions. Felt safe and Cassidy held beautiful space. She was able to flow intuitively throughout the session. Felt very unique and specific to my goal. - Sara M., Age 30 My session was amazing. Cassidy taps into my conciousness and after the session I feel revitilized and refreshed. I feel so relaxed! - Nykita B., Age 40 Cassidy was very welcoming, knowledgeable, and informative. Wonderful. - Beverley R., Age 57 Amazing! Cassidy really helped me get over the hump

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